About the Red Brick Cafe & Gift House

The Red Brick Cafe, owned and operated by Mike and Dawn Berry, came to be in June 2007. Since then the cafe has become a local hotspot featuring musical talents, local artists, and the best coffee around.

Dawn and Mike are local to the area and we have kept ourselves very busy since the cafes opening. Seven days a week, during the summer and 6 days a week when the weather changes, you’ll find one or both of us busy behind the counter while a handful of regular customers are busy enjoying the atmosphere.

We took over the Red Brick Cafe and Gift House, on Main St., as of 3:45 pm on September 03, 2010 and have learned a ton since!  We are looking forward to meeting new friends and acquaintances.

As of August 30, 2015, The Red Brick Cafe & Gift House has a new address….4 Ontario St. (right across from the arena and right beside Service Ontario) We will will be updating the site with pictures as the new space developes.  There is more seating and a deck!

As we did on Main St., we have an abundance of coffee grounds.  Please feel free to bring in a bucket and we will be happy to fill it for you!  Coffee grounds make a great addition to your compost.