Yes or No to New Products – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

sundridgeThe biggest challenge that we find as small business owners is 1. whether or not to choose a new product and 2. whether or not the product will fly in our town. We cannot scale our numbers is porportion to urban centres. Let me explain. We are a village of approximately 1000 people. Most of this number have been here a great number of years. When people have been in a area for a long time, they tend to get entrenched in their ways.

K cups are a good example. Will they sell in an area resistant to change?kcups We did a product test with a limited number of people and decided to give it a whirl. Now the test comes. It will be interesting to see how this flys. We are bringing a limited amout to begin with but hopefully will order a skid come the next order.

The Gojiccino was a good example. This product is cutting edge in the non-caffienated drink area. We were one of the first in Canada to carry this and it has gone over very well. It is a no added sugar, non-caffeinated goji berry drink. Goji berries are higher in anti-oxidents than blueberries. This was a good call on our part.

Well, until next time……

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