Re-plugged II – Lifestyle – The Red Brick Cafe

replugIt just goes to show how all encompassing the internet can be.  It had taken me over a week to finish my thought from the last blog. It seems that after a short hiatus I am back fully absorbed in catching up with a week away from the internet.

Answering emails and following up on articles and people have taken up the bulk of my time.  The other time consuming thing is keeping up with the internet and website.  Focussing on the website has been a challenge for the last week.  Adding meta tags and discriptions has proven to be a lot of research.

Fielding calls for people wanting money to do my website better and bigger is the other thing.  When you explain that 3 months is 90% of your advertising budget and they continue to push, makes me want to go back to ignoring the internet.  If we did not depend on the internet for most of our advertising, I would just shut it off.

My week without the internet got challenging as the week progressed.  It also allowed me to pick up books that had been set down, to catch up on calls and reconnect with my inner self. I wish that I could say that I got caught up on all that I needed to do, but truth said, I enjoyed the peace.

Now on to plan the next blog and start a plan for next year.


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