Replugged – The Red Brick Cafe – Lifestyle

happyWell I managed to survive one week without the internet.  On Monday I came in to work and the first thing Mike said to me was ‘Why don’t you look on Kijiji and see if there is anything we can use for redecorating the café?’  So the beginning of the week proved to be very challenging.  not to mention that I realized that I am a bit of an information fiend and not being able to look things up right away was a bit of a let down.  Monday turned out to be a good unplugged day though because the power was fickering on and off most of the day.  Of course I got a phone call that lasted about an hour that I should have emailed the information off right away.  Oh well.  I stuck to my resolve.

Tuesday morning I had a leisurely breakfast with the cat.  It was a good sleep because I hadn’t been distracted before I went to bed.  I got all of the Christmas Cakes wrapped before work so it was a very productive morning.  The power ended up cutting out for a couple of hours so I came home for a bit.  Ended up going back for the last 2 hours and visiting with some regulars. It was once again a day without the internet that wasn’t a big loss.

I really expected it to be harder at the beginning of the week.  Tomorrow I will let you in on how Wednesday and Thursday went…..