More Proof – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

There is once again more agreement that coffee can be good for you; especially if you are a woman who is prone to depression.  In a recent article in the Toronto Star, Health Reporter Theresa Boyle pointed out that in a Harvard study, women who drank caffeinated coffee were less likely to suffer from depression. The study findings go on to say that if a woman drinks 3 cups of coffee a day, it would reduce her likelihood of becoming depressed by 15%.  Up that to 4 cups and the reduction jumps to 20%.

There are a great many debates over whether caffeinated coffee is good for you and in what amounts. One of the latest argument is that it can help to ward off  Alzheimer’s Disease.  As our population ages, this could be a monumental finding.  There will always be argument over the benefits vs. side effects, that is a given.

I guess what it all boils down to is everything in moderation.  We must pick through the information given to us and choose what we believe.  One thing that I do know for sure is that it willl have to be something earth shattering that would ever make me even think of giving up coffee.

Until next time……..

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