Changes are here – News and Updates – The Red Brick Cafe

Before pic

Big news in the town of Sundridge!  Mike Berry and I (Dawn) have now purchased the Red Brick Cafe and Gift House from Naomi.  We are extremely excited and have huge plans for our little cafe. 

Some of the first changes that we have implemented are the decaf coffee and the java sleeves.  The decaf is now the Swiss Water Press process.  It is a chemical free process and now the decaf even tastes like real coffee!  The second change is the java sleeves.  These are the corrigated pieces that wrap around the hot cups and now you don`t burn your hands!

After much thought and much discussion, Mike and I have a great deal of ideas for the business.  We are focussing on community for the winter (tourists are always welcome!) and building up our customer loyalty.  For anyone local, or just passing through, come in and tell us that it is your birthday and receive a free coffee!  We are focussing on getting all of our clients to leave the cafe with a smile on their face.  The names are the most challenging for me but I am sure that I will have that down by the time that the snow melts. 

So we hope to see you soon.  Stop by and say hello.
May your coffee always be warm!
Dawn and Mike

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